New River Project

In early 1997, U.S. Representative, Duncan Hunter asked Leon Lesicka, Desert Wildlife Water Co‑coordinator, to head the Citizen's Congressional Task Force for the New River clean‑up.

Two Wetland Projects have been completed and studies have been done which include General Water Chemistry, Selenium, Pesticides, Nutrients, Silt, Water Quality. Monitoring has shown the projects are working successfully.

A new five acre wetland was constructed at the northwest corner of Westmorland in 2004 and further treats the effluent from the city's treatment plant.

The construction of the Shank Road site on the Alamo River has been halted until more funds become available.The new 50 acre site is on the east side of the Alamo River, half a mile south of Shank Road.

Another 40 acre project will soon begin on the Alamo River near the city of Holtville when funding comes through.

As funds become available more wetlands will be constructed at other selected sites to help improve the water quality of the New and Alamo Rivers.