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D.W.U. was formed in 1979 when the Bureau of reclamation concrete lined 50 miles plus of the dirt banked Coachella Canal, bordering the Chocolate Mountains, which have mule deer, desert bighorn sheep, burros, and many other smaller animals and birds. Due to this lining we lost approximately 200 deer, which almost wiped out the herd along this section of canal. The lining prevented the mule deer from being able to drink from the canal without falling in and drowning. At this time a small group of sportsmen went into the desert and started installing permanent water sources. We dug out old wells and installed windmills. We discovered the windmills needed constant maintenance, so we developed new types of water systems, which require very little maintenance if any and will go for three years or more without rain with normal use. The size we use most of the time is a (12,000 Gallon) fiberglass tank with a step drinker attached. All labor is donated to install these drinkers and majority of the money are from Imperial County Fish & Game Commission, California Department of Fish & Game (Hill Bill), Safari Club (San Diego Chapter), Foundation of North American Sheep Society, fund raisers and where ever we can beg money from.

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Requests for Proposal

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July 29, 2015 - Addendum 1: Alamo River Treatment Wetlands at Shank Road

July 8, 2015 - Alamo River Treatment Wetlands at Shank Road